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10 Medals at the County Championships!

Congratulations to all HFC fencers who entered the Hertfordshire County Championships - some great fencing, and an enjoyable day! A total of 7 medals for our juniors foilists - fantastic! In the Senior Championship Muhil Mustapha and Will Kingsbury ended up competing for the silver medal and it was very close. However we still got another 3 medals, so 10 in total over the weekend. Well done to Ali and Theodore who faced tough competition against more experienced foilists, but held their own. Had the Senior Tournament been split into under 18 and over 18 as originally planned you probably would have been in the medals too (!)

Junior Championship Results:

Nikodem Dyk - Silver

Xander Curran - Silver

Fred Holden - Bronze

Isaac Smith - Bronze

Jasper Hunger - Bronze

Reuben Knox - Silver

Will Smith - Silver

Senior Championship Results:

Will Kingsbury - Bronze

Lisa Drage - Silver

Muhil Mustapha - Silver


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