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Established in 2000 as Hitchin Juniors, HFC - Hitchin Fencing Club now encompasses a thriving junior, cadet and adult membership.


Main Club timings:


Monday evenings

6:30 - 8pm    Juniors   Hitchin Town Hall

7 - 8:30pm    Cadets   Hitchin Town Hall

8 - 9:30pm    Adults    Hitchin Town Hall


Further information:

Sessions begin with a group warm-up and footwork, followed by a class lesson and free fencing. For students up to 16yrs we follow the BFA Achievement Awards in the first year, and after that training is focused towards regional and national competitions.


On joining the main club, all fencers are required to purchase their own breeches & mask and become a full member of the British Fencing Association.

To join the British Fencing Association visit www.britishfencing.com. 

Kit may be hired from the club directly, subject to availability.



Head Coach


- Level 5 B.A.F Maître d'Escrime (Master of Fencing) in Foil & Epee.

- B.F.A Registered Coach 

- Current Chairman of the Hertfordshire Fencing Association

- Over 16 years experience fencing Foil and Epee
- 14 years experience coaching fencing

His students have achieved a number of medals at regional / county level and results at national championship finals.

He is also currently Head Coach at St Albans Fencing Club.
Previously he has coached at Beechwood Park School, Roundwood Park School, London City University, Garden House School (Chelsea), and The Royal Academy of Dance.

However, his full time occupation is as a magician - see www.magichourshow.com




Assistant Coach

- BFA Registered Coach

- Level 1 B.A.F Qualification

I am a Civil Servant, working in Whitehall for the UK Space Agency (yes, we do have one) ensuring the resilience and security of the UK Space sector.  I am the youngest of three fencing brothers, and started fencing in my early teens, becoming a member of the North East regional squad under Prof Pat Pearson.  Following a break during my degree course I took up fencing again, and started dabbled with coaching, after moving to North Herts.  I again took another break from fencing, but a few years ago my son decided to embrace his fencing heritage and enrolled at Hitchin Fencing Club.  After several months of getting itchy feet watching him learning I took the plunge, joined the club and gained my coaching qualification in Foil.  I can be found at the club generally helping to look after things, trying to develop as a coach and make the sessions as engaging as possible and occasionally fixing broken weapons.  My son now takes delight in thrashing me.




Safeguarding Officer

- Member of the BFA Welfare Office Register

My name is Sue. I am a mother to 3 boys , the youngest of whom is an avid fencer. I live in Haynes, Bedfordshire and my son has been attending Hitchin Fencing Club for 3 years now. I run my own business from home and enjoy yoga and country walks with our  2 dogs.

For any safeguarding concerns I can be contacted on 07958124217, or in person at the club.