Upcoming nearby competitions

HFA Senior County Championships

All weapons

Sunday 19th April
Veralum School, St Albans.

Enter at www.hertsfencing.org

Leon Paul Junior Series
London Foil 
28th & 29th March

Leon Paul Centre

Entering a competition

The following tells you most of what you need to know to enter a fencing competition. Please note, however, that competitions do vary, and it is always advised to check on the competition website about their particular requirements.




You must have 'compete' membership of the British Fencing Association in order to be insured for competitions.

To visit the BFA website and join click here.




To enter a competition you must have kit that is compliant with the current safety regulations. These can fluctuate, so please check periodically with the coaches at the club or visit the British Fencing website. Also check on the entry form and website where you are competing regarding your age group. Kit requirements change dependent on your age, the weapon you are fencing, and the level of competition.


Below are general requirements for most competitions at county level.




Minimum 350N/CEN1 mask with lame bib and backstrap

Mask wire (foil and sabre only)

Lame (foil and sabre only)

2 x bodywire (check you have foil/sabre or epee bodywires.

electric glove (velcro)

2 x electric weapon (blade size appropriate to your age group as specified by the competition)

Minimum 350N/CEN1 Jacket and breeches

800N/CEN2 Plastron

Long socks


Always take a spare electric foil and body wire with you, and an allen key to tighten the foil if it becomes loose.


Please check that you have the correct hand weapon (right handed or left handed), and also that your jacket zips up on the appropriate side (away from your sword arm). Please check this with your coach if you are unsure.


The following information has been displayed regarding the eastern region junior competition on the 11th of February 2017:


The new foil bibs are compulsory for U16 and U18 and may be used for U12/U14, but are not obligatory. A minimum standard of 350N/CEN1 mask (with backstrap), jacket and breeches and a plastron of 350N/CEN1 for U12/U14 or 800N/CEN2 for U16/U18 is obligatory, as are long socks. Size 2 (Sabre and Epee) or 3 (Foil) or smaller must be used in U12/U14.